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Efficiency is the name of the game, and the time you spend brushing your teeth is an ideal time to burn a few extra calories, improve your mobility, and add in some strength gains.  For most of us brushing our teeth is a pretty routine activity that happens a couple of times a day. We stand, often blankly, contemplating what the day will bring or what it brought. So here are our 5 best tips to a better you, in front of the mirror using just one hand! The best part is... it takes 3 minutes, FLAT! 1. LUNGES Nothing...

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THE "FIRST MARATHON" TRAINING MINDSET With winter marathons looming, runners are once again dusting off their running shoe and hitting the trails. This year I'm lucky enough to be joining them, after taking a wee hiatus over the past couple of years from running marathons. In my hiatus I've explored more functional forms of fitness which has more latterly meant Crossfit. The increased resistance training and more interval-based style of training has profoundly changed my mindset. You see, 2008 Sam got himself to the marathon start line by running somewhat like a donkey. At a gate. I would run "empty k's" falsely...

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Them Summer RunsAs the cooler spring morning subside, giving way to the warmer summer ones, many folk pop their running shoes away to hibernate for the summer. And who can blame them? Heat sucks. And the flies. Couple this with the wind-up of the core running calendar for the year and you could be forgiven for thinking there's just cause here. But then you'd be missing something.Summer is a great time to train and more specifically run. Longer daylight hours are awesome. Lighter mornings, and longer evenings. Energy and activity levels are also at an all time high in summer....

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