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Wrightsock Origin & Background.

Wrightenberry Hosiery Mills is a 3rd generation family owned and operated hosiery manufacturer in Burlington, NC, USA. The company was founded in 1948 in North Carolina, where all operations and productions proudly still remain. Wrightsock take pride in being a product made in America by American workers.

Wrightenberry Hosiery Mills have been in the sock industry for over 60 years and first introduced the Wrightsock brand name and their Double Layer product in 1990. Having spent thousands of hours of testing Wrightenberry developed two patents and many proprietary techniques to bring the best socks to the market.

The brand has grown from selling to a few specialty stores in the United States, to now being a global brand available at running specialty stores, national chains and in over 10 international countries. Wrightenberry are committed to making the best socks possible to make everyone that buys the product able to enjoy their chosen activities without having any foot issues.

Active Nation LTD are your exclusive Wrightsock distributors here in New Zealand. For all retail and customer enquiries around Wrightsock please reach out to us at, call 027 ACTIVES, or visit

Anti-Blister System

In competition, your feet are subjected to extreme stress. As your body heats up, your feet get wet, hot and chafed. The combination of moisture, heat and friction often leads to painful blisters and discomfort that keeps you from performing at your peak. How can you eliminate this problem? WRIGHTSOCK™ Double Layer Socks are the answer!

  • Moisture Management: Dri-WRIGHT™ inner layer wicks moisture off the skin better than any other fabric. The Result... your feet stay dry.
  • Temperature Regulation: Staying dry means staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The Result... your feet are more comfortable.
  • Friction Reduction: Interaction between the inner and outer sock layers absorbs friction that is normally transferred to the skin. The Result... skin shear is eliminated.

    The Double Layer Difference

    WRIGHTSOCK™ Double Layer construction coupled with the most technically advanced fibers, delivers the blister protection that you need. WRIGHTSOCK™ Double Layer provides year round comfort and performance with no blisters- guaranteed. 

    • Patented 3rd attachment keeps socks aligned.
    • The outer layer is construced of fibers specific to the activity. 
    • The inner layer is always a smooth, undyed, hydrophobic surface against the foot. PATENTED!
    • Friction and shearing forces, created by rigorous activity, are absorbed by the interaction between the inner and outer layers of the sock instead of being passed on to the outer layers of the skin. The result is less blistering.
    • Color coded toe seams for easy size matching.




    Wrightsock New Zealand is a part of Active Nation an organisation that has partnered with the world's biggest health and fitness product brands to help you improve your athletic and physical performance, decrease your physical recovery time, enhance your rehabilitation, and catapult Kiwi fitness, and genuinely change lives.

    Caroline Talbot, Co-Director


    "My background is as a qualified Nurse passionate about health, and importantly; people. Nursing is a phenomenal space to truly understand the human body and mind. 

    Health is a holistic affair, and in a clinical setting we no longer just treat the symptom we treat the person. That's what excites me about what we do now; we're helping people be the best they can be, by offering them research-backed, tried and effective solutions to their needs. We're about finding solutions, not just merely selling products." 

    Education and Experience.

    "Since qualifying as a Nurse back in 2004, I've worked in multiple health arenas from clinical settings such as hospitals, speciality clinics and practices, through to more recent times where I have been involved in medical research at one of Australia's largest children's hospitals for a number of years. 

    Furthering my health knowledge is vital. Recently I successfully graduated as a Nutritionist which has added a further dimension to my thirst for understanding health" 

    Outside of Active Nation.

    "We often refer to Active Nation and Wrightsock New Zealand as "our second child", and it really is. We live and breathe it, nurture it, never stop thinking about it, and absolutely love it. 

    Our first child though, Levi is the love of both Sam and my lives, and we love spending time as a family both at work and at play. 

    I also love endurance running, cycling, yoga and generally keeping fit and truly believe that health and wellness is fundamental to a long and happy life".


    Sam Talbot, Co-Director


    "I found my calling way back in 1999 as a Personal Trainer - combining a life long passion for fitness and creating life-changing experiences. This combination drove me as hard back in '99 as it does today." 

    Education and Experience

    "Since 1999 I've been fortunate to broaden my health and fitness skill-set and now hold a Bachelor Degree in Sports Science, and a host of personal and group fitness qualifications. 

    Beyond my formal education I have been fortunate enough to work alongside some true titans of the industry, the kind of people that inspire, create and drive, to this day for which I am eternally grateful. 

    In the last 8 years I was honoured to work alongside wholesale fitness industry greats at Australia's largest fitness wholesaler, the GPI Group; working with great people and great brands. I am lucky to work very closely with the good folk at the GPI Group, and I owe a large part of how we've built our business today, to them. 

    I've been lucky enough to have worn many hats across my health and fitness career, but none more honourable than bringing New Zealand the brands we are so proud to represent. 

    Outside of Work

    "Outside of work you'll find me involved in all sorts of sports including some real passions marathons, cycling, endurance events, boxing and lifting weights (like a girl). 

    We often do this as a family minus the boxing bit), and I feel this really represents what our business is all about: getting Kiwi's from all walks of life moving, regardless of where they may be at in their health and fitness journey."


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