2Tom's Stink Free Detergent

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2Tom's Stink Free Detergent is great for all high performance athletic apparel.

Stink Free Sports Detergent is guaranteed to remove all odours and stains in your high performance athletic apparel and gear including: Hockey pads, soccer shin guards, shoes, cleats, sleeping bags, pillows, tents, sleeping mats, hiking boots, backpacks, hydration packs, motorcycle gear, yoga mats, towels, uniforms, and much more!
Stink Free Sports Detergent uses a high end residue lifter to restore clothing performance and breath ability.

It is safe to use on gortex, neoprene, cotton, canvas, denim, etc. Please follow manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and retreating. 

Always first test an inside seam for colourfastness. Follow garment label care instructions for washing.

·For large loads: Use 60ml.

·For medium loads: Use 30ml.

You can also use it without a washing machine. Stink Free Sports Detergent is so technically advanced that you don't need any agitation to help remove the odour. In your sink or bathtub, cover your gear with hot water. Add the normal amount of detergent needed following the directions on the package. Mix detergent in water by hand. Allow this to soak for at least 20 minutes. Move clothes around to dislodge any dirt/debris. Drain water and rinse gear thoroughly. Allow to air dry.

Each bottle contains 900ml of Stink Free Sports Detergent.

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