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New Zealanders from all walks of life have their say on their Wrightsock's, be sure to send in yours!


Christopher Luxon, CEO of Air New Zealand - May 2017

Christopher Luxon becomes an honorary member of the Wrightsock Blister-Free crew in Napier (Coolmesh II, in Ash/Turquoise Quarter Length). 

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Kaiapoi Podiatry, Kaiapoi  - April 2017

"A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had ordered some socks from Wrightsock New Zealand. They claim that you will be 100% blister free 'guaranteed. I have now worn mine for around 40km of walking, including road, tracks and sandhills. I can back their claim up --- NO blisters(usually I blister after around 5km) and SO comfortable"

"I well and truly tested my wrightsocks today and can confirm that their 'no blister guarantee' is spot on. Wrightsock New Zealand ... you are so onto something with your socks" 


"Look what has arrived. Love my new socks. Thank You."

Les, Napier - March 2017

"Triple Peaks today in very challenging conditions as the weather bomb delivered as promised. Massive shout out to Sam and the team at Active Nation. Despite my shoes quickly becoming vessels for small stones the promise of staying blister free with my trusty Wright Socks proved true."

Lorelei, Ashburton - March 2017

"I have spent the last 6 months trying to find some comfortable socks and yours seem to be the "ones" ( at last). Who knew that as one got older one's feet lost the cushioning underneath and boot & sock combinations that have worked for years suddenly are less than comfortable!"

Kit, Christchurch - March 2017

These socks are amazing. They keep your feet so comfortable and cannot wait to do a very long walk in them. Highly recommend!


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