The Town Bikes : still hard at it!

The Town Bikes : still hard at it!

A couple of months back, The Town Bikes featured here at Wrightsock NZ as we're proud to get behind these determined ladies who are set to conquer the Spring Challenge, which is now only a couple of weeks away (September 30).

A few weeks ago the ladies braved the wind and rain for their first Rogaine, run by the awesome Just for Girls Adventure Training with Nora Audra, in Timaru. This was their first foray into the world of orienteering/adventure racing and any lacking in direction was more than made up for in enthusiasm!

"We spent a lot of time running around and past markers, but it's all good for the fitness, and we didn't fare too badly against the other teams in the end. Also, all friendships were still in tact after the two hours, which bodes well for the end of the month!

Hard to believe the big day is less than three weeks away. The training has waxed and waned in intensity due to winter illnesses, children, jobs and injuries, but there have been some good lengthy sessions on the bike and the feet too, and our Wrightsocks have well and truly come through all with flying colours...although they are no longer the original pristine white, that's for sure!"

We wish the ladies best of luck in the Spring Challenge, and can't wait to hear of their success!


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