Following the luxury of a long summer vacation it is finally time for the kids to start heading back to school. The time has come to hang up your jandals for another year, pack a lunch, and trudge off to learn something new. Students with no restrictions on school attire are free to rock any sock, but when it comes to nailing the sock game for your kid’s school uniform, it’s a fine balance between school requirements and the comfort of your student. 

Socks seem to be totally overlooked by uniform designers, because standard-issue school socks seem to fall into two camps 1. Thick and itchy, or 2. Thin and shapeless. It doesn’t have to be like this! There is no need to endure unhappy feet for the next 12 months.

If your school has a specific uniform sock style, maybe think about rebelling on the inside. Underneath scratchy uniform socks, one can hide the comfort of decent socks with cushioned padding in all the right places, high-tech fabrics, and sweat-wicking technology, meeting both the need for comfort and the school’s requirements of uniform cohesion. 

Especially for the kids with sensory sensitivities, those itchy socks are going to feel like a minefield every day. Pick your battles and go seam-free underneath the offending school issue socks.   

Let’s not forget the trauma of new school shoes, so stiff and unwieldy. They seem to take so much time to break in and feel truly comfortable. Skip that cheap multipair pack of flimsy ankle socks and go straight to the good stuff. The double-layered difference will reduce discomfort and the possibility of blisters developing. With a range of sock lengths available in generic colours like black or white, there’s bound to be a pair that meets uniform standards. 

And while we are talking about back-to-school requirements, a fresh pair of sports socks for the gym bag will start the new school year in style. Designed to support dynamic movement your budding sports star can focus on the game rather than the worry of blisters with a great pair of socks

Investing in decent school socks will see your learners transition through the seasons without the frustrations of feet being too cold or too hot, using fabrics designed to help regulate body temperature, so they can get on with learning and you can get on with more important tasks.